Winthrop Park - Second nature life support.

How Winthrop Park came about is an amazing story of trauma, thankfully followed by recovery and the transformation of a derelict sewerage works into a beautiful garden, providing respite, recuperation, relaxation and restoration, all built on the healing power of nature.

It is a joy and a privilege to work with David and Carol Bowser and to play a part in their heartfelt vision, bringing the activities of nature therapy to people with disabilities.

However, I can never give their story enough justice, so please click on Winthrop Park, Rotherham/Juliet Shaw and read it for yourself. Be prepared to be moved and inspired. Winthrop Park, and the benefits that are obviously felt by those who visit, maybe only once or time and again, continues to grow beyond anything that David and Carol had ever dreamt of. Visit to get a piece of the action and to really see how far the influence of this wonderful, tranquil garden can reach.