No Ants and a Telescope!

A love of gardening and many hours of hard work just wasn't enough to promote relaxed, pleasurable times in this garden. The hard work did not result in any sense of achievement, hence "ants in pants" syndrome set in!

With little shape and structure, broken, cracked pathways and a lot of frustration, a professional, competent eye was sort.

The brief

  • A generous space for vegetable growing, 50% of the entire space was suggested. Also to accommodate a small greenhouse, a new shed, compost heaps and water butt!
  • Ornamental borders and lawn.
  • A level hard landscaped area large enough to erect a telescope for night sky viewing! An unusual, yet very important request.

Structure, order and unity; an uncomplicated garden with a manageable work load, was definitely the agenda.

The agreed scheme was strongly geometric, well-structured and balanced. The original division of the garden has been emphasized, paths that were to remain have been restored and new ones added, providing access and links between the "rooms" of this garden. Raised vegetable beds were built, organizing the space for maximum production, and isolating areas for permanent plantings of soft fruit. The sloping lawn has been levelled, ornamental raised beds built around the paved nautical star set accurately by the compass, for the telescope. The pergola creates a framed vista from one side of the garden to the other.

Although my clients paid for a planting scheme and suggestions, as very keen gardeners themselves, they were eager to take ownership of their newly designed garden and the challenge to plant it. So, following the completion of the build, the project was signed off, and handed over to them.

"She needed to do very little to alter the original design, it was right first time!" D C North Leeds