Very Small; Very Important!

An awkward front entrance prompted my client to bring in a professional garden designer….me!

The front entrance to the dwelling, in a renovated old Yorkshire stone built complex, was far from inviting. The small border receives no direct sunlight, although the shade is not always dense.

During the initial consultation I was able to highlight to my clients several difficulties that they were more than willing to admit they would not have seen for themselves. Surprisingly several solutions arose to explore!

A sharp, contemporary style was requested. The chosen solution added a cobble circle providing a wonderful opportunity to have tall Photinia standards in large contemporary planters set off against the high stone wall behind. The planting concentrated on plants that thrive in the given conditions and provided structure, colour, form and texture .The Golden gravel mulch gives a wonderful visual lift, adding and reflecting light. And, although contemporary, this solution is sympathetic to the original building.

Following their delight in the dramatic change to the front garden, my next project was the back. Again, small and very important!

"Honestly, we're both thrilled with the transformation and will be building your fees into our moving budget to tackle our next garden with you."