Jungle Screening

Following extensive renovations and extensions, it was time to address the garden!

The house was significantly elevated above road level, requiring a creative solution to accomplish the necessary steps up to the house from the main entrance, drive and garage. Due to this elevated position, they overlooked some neighbouring properties, whilst also being highly visible, screening was key!

The brief

  • A contemporary design with strong, clean and uncluttered lines although warm in atmosphere, to reflect the interiors of the house.
  • Planting to be bold, architectural, dense, with a focus on foliage for loads of texture and colour. Some flowers for additional seasonal interest. To provide privacy.
  • Lawned areas for play, the dog, and relaxation.
  • Water feature and garden lighting.

A strong, geometric design was chosen, incorporating a large decked area outside the house with generous steps, useable also for seating. Generous, wide steps also lead up from the gate and garage to the deck, framed by interlocking pergolas covered in climbers, whilst also creating a link to the side path and lawn. Bamboo along with other dense, colourful foliaged plants screen the fence and neighbours. As requested, the planting consists almost entirely of bold, strongly architectural plants, giving a "jungle" atmosphere to the garden. The following images were taken 3 years on!

This wonderful and mature garden helped in securing a quick sale soon after these photographs were taken.