New Home; New Garden.

Established in her new home, the client was eager to develop and make the most of a well-proportioned outdoor space.

These photographs show the garden post developers and builders, including the Indian Stone patio adjacent to the house.

The brief

  • Style to be modern /contemporary, uncluttered
  • Planting to be demonstrative and abundant
  • Lawn for family play and fun
  • Hard landscaped area for relaxation, entertaining and BBQ, outdoor dining
  • Easy space to use

The back of the house faces north, the bottom of the garden, under the shade of large Chestnut and Sycamore trees, faces south. A severely diseased Sycamore was removed entirely, whilst the unhealthy Chestnut was pollarded to remove the dead and diseased wood. This opened up the space significantly to the light.

An uncomplicated design of two interlocking circles was agreed upon. The south facing, raised end of the garden became a circular hardwood deck with chunky, built-in seating. A generous semi-circular border, providing a comfortable feeling of enclosure to the space, was created and planted, behind this area.

"There is nothing better than coming home from a hectic day at work and looking at my garden."