Q.1: Isn't garden design going to cost me the earth?

The simple answer is....no! Costs and charges for a design scheme and planting plan vary. However, when designing a plan, considering the entire space from the outset is hugely cost effective. Planning will eliminate the costs of frequent mistakes, not only in hard landscaping but also in successful planting.

I'm sure we can all remember experiences where the results of our own efforts and the expenditure of money, time and even emotions, have been disappointing and frustrating because, at the end of the day, something just doesn't seem to work! One of my most valued rewards comes when a client says, "That's fantastic! I would never have thought of doing that!" That's a great result! Problem solved!

Q.2: Will I really see and feel the benefits of having a well-designed garden?

Yes you will! We, as humans, are responding at a subconscious level every day to our surroundings in ways that we are completely unaware of. A well-designed garden will incorporate areas with relaxation in mind, but also areas which evoke more energetic feelings and activities.

Imagine coming home from a really busy, full-on day, grabbing a coffee, wine, whatever, maybe even the paper, sitting down outside and being able to instantly relax! Your blood pressure comes down and your 15-30 mins time-out has a deep impact on you and the remainder of the day. That's what I call real benefits and that's what I get from my garden!

Q.3: Will there be added value to the house, and if I sell will I redeem my investment?

Yes, having the garden designed will add value to your property.

The comment from a local estate agent was that a professionally designed and well-presented garden is a feature that estate agents will certainly high-light in the property brochure and in their experience the number of viewings by potential buyers definitely increases. The redemption of any financial outlay is dependent on many criteria, the housing market at the time is critical.

Q.4: What does designing a garden involve and how long does it take?

To get great results there are 5 stages which need to be followed. These 5 Stages of Great Garden Design are fully explained in Tab no 4.

How long it takes is variable. There are several criteria which timescales depend on. For example, the size of your garden, the complexity of the site and the client brief all play a part along with other contributing factors. However, at the initial consultation, why don't you make sure that we understand your timescales so that these are discussed and estimated for you.

Q.5: Do you manage the project or just do the design?

I always recommend that the garden implementation is monitored by Atua Gardens.

The designer and client will have built up a relationship through the process and that will continue throughout the build, giving the client peace of mind and confidence that the results will be as planned and hoped for. Any queries the client may have, go directly to the designer.