5. Implementation and Project Monitoring

The final master design plan can be put out to contractors for tender. However, Atua Gardens have a selection of trusted and valued contractors with whom we have built great working relationships and have no hesitation to make a referral. Once the contractor is on board and all details of the plan and the contract have been discussed and accepted, a start date will be arranged.

Atua Gardens will issue an overview of the Schedule of Works informing the client of the project sequencing. The designer will visit the site regularly, to monitor the project throughout. This project monitoring is so very important as the designer is the only person qualified to make any design decisions, should an unforeseen situation arise.

Atua Gardens places a great emphasis on maintaining clear communications with the client and the contractor, to ensure great results upon the completion of your garden.

Now, this is the really exciting bit! Finally, your garden is complete… LOVE, RELAX, ENJOY!!